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Welcome to How Am I Changing?… Or Not!

Some history and info about this site:

It is 2012 and I have had my 60th birthday this year; hard to believe, but true. When I was 49, I had gone through many years of pissing persons off (people are like Indians or Hebrews, otherwise we’re talking about persons) and getting into trouble. In jobs, especially in my 20s, I got fired a lot. For one thing, I thought even if someone else was paying me a salary, everything should be done my way. I found out, that wasn’t the case.

Anyway, at 49 I was working for IBM (I’ve been in Information Technology, IT since 1987) and had managed to piss off a couple of project managers pretty good. There it was again. I suddenly, 20 years late, started to think, “Maybe it’s something about me.” Even though for years I thought the persons I worked with (there’s that people vs. persons thing again) were idiots. And, they may well have been. But it started to dawn on me, there might be a common thread here (Ya think!).

I asked my brother if he’d ask his wife’s brother (there’s no good term for this really) to visit with me about what the problem might be; he’s a psychiatrist. We visited for about an hour and Frank, that’s his name, not finding any paper other than his prescription pad in his office, wrote me a prescription for something called the New Warrior Training Adventure. It took a year, but I did that training. It changed my life.

The primary reason for the change was it finally got me looking at me for what needed to be changed for me to survive. Not only as an employee, but in life. I started to see for the first time, it wasn’t about the other idiots (ID10Ts I call them), it was about the ID10T who was looking at me in the mirror every morning.

I began on an 11-year journey discovering how I was changing and how I wasn’t changing. Most of it for the better, some of it not so.

How Am I Changing?… Or Not! then is stories, blurbs, blog posts if  you will, about ways I’ve changed and ways parts of me which haven’t quite gotten there yet keep showing up.

Some of this will be serious or introspective. It’ll be about ways I see myself showing up I hadn’t seen before I started focusing more clearly. Some other will be funny; how that younger me keeps tripping me up. I hope you will enjoy it all and maybe learn something about you.

Post a comment. Leave a message. Tell me how this helped you or better, tell me how you can help me (it’s those darn pieces tripping me up I want to manage better.) Most of all, please come back. I’m grateful you’re here.

Donny Hornstein  2012

2 thoughts on “Introduction to How Am I Changing?… Or Not!”

  1. Having witnessed you on this journey since your NWTA, I can attest to how much you’ve changed, how deeply you have worked, the wisdom you now share with others. I’m really proud of you Donny, aka Blessing Dragon.

    Keep it up! The world is a better place because of it.

    1. Meeting you in December 2000, Willie, was and always will be a great blessing to my life as well. You’ve been friend, brother, teacher. Looking forward to many more years of connection.

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