Silly Self-Limiting Impositions

Hello, 2022!

When I began this blog nine years ago, my intent was to publish regularly. Not such a silly desire. But, I also set an unrealistic imposition. I had to publish no less than one thousand words for every post. Silly. What happened? I would almost always hesitate to publish because I didn’t know if I could or would write a thousand word tome each and every time. The result? I hardly published at all during the last nine years.

Today, February 16, 2022, that limitation comes off! Whenever I have some thought I want to share, I’ll come here and write. Maybe it will be a thousand words. Maybe, it will be ten.

I thank my brother-of-another-mother Marc Schwartz for helping me see past this silly limitation. Hope you’ll stay for the ride and come back.

How Am I Changing? I’m letting go of things I impose on myself which don’t serve me.

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