Isn’t It About Time Folks Like Boehner Found Someone Else To Blame?

I am so sick of all the Obama bashing, starting with the second term campaign through today.

During the campaign, I actually lost a friend who would not agree to stop sending me his Obama bashing emails. I pleaded with him several times, simply requesting he stop sending me his propaganda, my word, about Obama. This was his reply: “I’m sorry you don’t have a desire for truth (other than the truth according to Donnie (sic)). If you choose to drown in ignorance, I will not cast you a line. (Actually, I would, because that’s the way I am…” And, even though he declared this would be his last email on the subject he continued. Ultimately, I chose to disallow his email address (yes, that’s possible) from reaching me. I’ve never heard from him again. Not even after the election. I just have a difficult time believing a friend would choose to continue flooding (my word, again) me with his bullshit than accept my request to stop. The Universe always comes around in whatever way is best for the individual. I’m accepting in this case, the best for me was to allow the friendship to dissipate.

I continue to see on Facebook and other social media venues folks I know and otherwise like, bashing the President over many of his decisions. Many times, those decisions have held up on closer scrutiny.

For months and months folks in the media and elsewhere continued their speculations and to insist the Obama Administration was responsible for gross misconduct regarding Benghazi. On August 4, 2014 the House Intelligence committee cleared the Obama administration of any wrong doing. “Just so we’re clear, this is a Repuplican-led committee with GOP members outnumbering Democrats, 12 to 9.” See:

Of course, after the Benghazi situation, there was the Bergdahl affair. All the naysayers were up in arms over the President’s actions of freeing prisoners in return for Bergdahl’s release. One of the better pieces I read in that regard says: “And Bergdahl has neither admitted his guilt nor proclaimed his innocence as yet. There’s been no Article 32 hearing, no trial, no court-martial. The military and the intelligence agencies haven’t even begun his debriefing. All we know for certain is that an American soldier was taken captive by the enemy, held for years, and returned as part of a prisoner exchange. That’s it. That’s what we know. We don’t know what events led to his capture, not all of them, not yet. We don’t know the details of his captivity. We don’t know the particulars of his release beyond the broad details that have been published in the press.”  From the same article: “Last time I checked, the punishment specified for violation of UCMJ Article 85 (or Article 86 depending on Bergdahl’s intentions) isn’t to throw him to our enemies!” See this article:

Need more proof of President Obama’s successes while in office? How about an increase in jobs since he took office? Gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can see it here:

How about changes in the stock market under our last several Presidents:

  1. President Ronald Regan: “Equities climbed 54 percent during his terms in office.”
  2. President George Herbert Walker Bush: “…equities still managed to climb nearly 30 percent during his term…”
  3. President Bill Clinton: “Equities climbed nearly 150 percent during the Clinton Administration.”
  4. President George W. Bush: “Equities fell 46 percent during the Bush Administration, largely thanks to the financial crisis.”
  5. President Barack Obama: “Through the beginning of August, equities have climbed about 78 percent.”Read more:

© Donny Hornstein

Will someone then please explain to me, like I’m three-years-old, so I can understand, why this irrational behavior by the Republicans and Tea Party continues?

Here’s what I make up about this. Many of the folks who continue bashing Obama, whether it’s someone like John Boehner, Ted Cruz or just someone I know on Facebook, are really closet racists. Read that again. Pay attention to me saying it’s just my opinion. I often wonder if someone Jewish, like Joe Lieberman, or a woman such as Hillary Clinton were to get elected if the bashing would be just as widespread is it is with Mr. Obama. In all honesty, I don’t know; but it is sad to believe it would be.

Have we as a society grown no further than to believe if a minority person enters the White House he or she is open to any and all public ridicule? Have we actually lost all respect for the position of President?

I have to admit, it’s been a cultural shock, not insurmountable, but nonetheless a shock, to see the First Lady reading an award on the Academy Awards. Or see a cameo of the President in a commercial feature film. The times they are a changin’. However, even with that  my judgment is the folks who refuse to give Obama an even break should look in the mirror and ask why they feel so compelled to continue bashing the man. Please.

If you intend to comment on this post, and I encourage you to do so, please, please do your research to back your statements. Post links, not from opinionated blogs, but from real news sources to back your position. If you don’t it’s just more fodder to add to the pile.

How Am I Changing: Sometimes I want to give a voice to my reactions over things which continue to annoy me. This is one of those sometimes.

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5 Responses to Isn’t It About Time Folks Like Boehner Found Someone Else To Blame?

  1. LeRoy Dennison says:

    I have unfriended more than one person on FaceBook over this. I consider myself Independent when it comes to political affiliation, but for the last decade or so, most of who I vote for are Democrats. I don’t vote for the party affiliation, I vote for who I think will do a better job and I make this determination based on what the individual has done in the past.

    As to disrespecting the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, who also happens to be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, I am totally against it. I was not a big fan of the previous President, nevertheless, he was the President of the United States of America, and was deserving of the respect due to his office. When he was in, you did not see Democrat senators bashing him right and left nor was the Democratic Party the “party of no.”

    Lack of respect, not willing to do anything other than attempt to lay blame for anything and everything at President Obama’s feet, Rush Limbaugh and his kind, along with Fox’s “Fair and Balanced” reporting are all enough to make me wish that the GOP would go ahead and finish self-destructing so that our government can get back to governing and taking care of the needs of the country. Is all of this hate because of President Obama’s mixed race? I don’t think so, it’s because he isn’t a Republican and the powers that be in the Republican party are better than four years into their temper tantrum that their guy didn’t win the election…

    • dreh15 says:

      Excellent comments, LeRoy. I wouldn’t expect anything less, my friend. I’m not 100% on the race issue, but I do believe there’s some of that mixed in. Persons who don’t face their prejudices head on, are bound to have them come out somehow, somewhere and I do believe there’s some of that going on here. I also think you’re observation about the Republican/Tea Party temper tantrum is spot on. I can’t tell you how glad I’ll be if Rick Perry is convicted on the charges the grand jury has indicted him on.

  2. Royce Herndon says:

    Donny, like you, I’d love to see the early departure of our goofy governor; but I’m afraid it won’t be soon and it won’t be over this indictment. I listened to an interview with Ron Paul in which he said the indictment is a joke and that the abuse of power here is more by the Austin DA’s office than by Perry. He expects Perry to emerge looking better than he does now. This from someone who describes the governor as a man who “has a pretty good grasp on economics, but when it comes to civil liberties and foreign policy, he’s a disaster.”

    As for President Obama, i am sorely disappointed in the fact that a man I campaigned for has failed to accomplish, or in some cases even tried to accomplish, so much of what
    he promised. He has also continued the alarming abrogation of power by the executive branch and created a government less transparent, more secretive, and more intrusive than his predecessor. That said, he is not the devil, and he has been treated most unfairly by many vindictive and narrow-minded people. No doubt racism (conscious and unconscious) plays a part for some of them, but i like to hope that is a fading phenomenon.

    • dreh15 says:

      Royce, I encourage you to back up your judgments with facts. That means, cite your sources. Otherwise, as I said, it’s just more fodder. I appreciate you making your comments however.

  3. Stan says:

    I agree Donnie…..the obstructionism and projections in our world are becoming one more way not to own our stuff…. The best projection this week was whe Perry maintained he was a victim of abuse of power….rich

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